Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Inner Yoda

My inner yoda sez to me "Look after yourself and lead by example." and then he stumbles off and has a slice of pizza.
Inner Yoda looks like me except that he has elvish ears and a beard and sticks out his lips and waggles them like a fish. He sleeps evenly and snores a little. He is wide awake long before I am drinking tea and snorting at the rubbish articles in the morning paper. He opens the fridge and pulls food out at random and leaves a mess, after he has finished eating his strange concoctions. He giggles throughout the day. He pats me on the back for having a shower and shaving. He pulls me aside and whispers words of support when I go for exams or job interviews. He goes shopping with me and shouts out the prices of items he finds too expensive, at the grocery store. He sits on the back of my bike and gives me pep talks on how to deal with people's behaviour and personal struggles. He massages my arms when my tendonitis is acting up. He reminds me that I am grouchy when I have to work, and says that I prefer a good snooze to anything approaching decision-making. He makes me chuckle about my eccentricities. He goes to sleep at least an hour before I do. He brings me peace through meditation and shows me how to listen to my heart.

For the truth lies in each of us. Our task is to recognize our truth.


At July 15, 2009 at 7:08 PM, Blogger spacemaurader said...

That should definately be your next halloween costume. You and your Yoda rock. I don't have Yoda, I have a whisper. If I am too loud I don't hear the smart stuff I am supposed to be listening to and doing.


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