Monday, February 15, 2016

Sweet Revenge

This an excerpt from an excerpt on the early years... The boat was sold and for a few years, my father rented a cabin on a lake in the Gatineau. That’s when I had my first encounters with naked women. I was all of 8 or 9 at the time. There was an old canoe belonging to my father and his friend that had split in half and had been fibre-glassed back together. It was strong enough, but my older brother used to tease me that one day in really deep water, the boat would break in half and we would start to sink. One time, my father and I were out in the canoe, I was paddling at the front and my father was steering. It was a hot summer's day. My father had stripped down to shorts. We were paddling fairly close to the shoreline, so as to stay out of the wind in the middle of the lake. I looked to my left as we passed a dock connecting another cabin to the water. Two women were lying on deck chairs. They had long dark hair and sunglasses and one of them was wearing knee-length argyle socks. That was the extent of their wardrobe. I remember this vividly because they weren’t more than 20 feet away and I was trying really hard to look and not look at the same time. WOW. I remember that we kept paddling and I really wanted to turn the canoe around and paddle past again. I wasn’t steering though. My father sort of chuckled, like he had seen that every day of his life and this was nothing new. (He probably had, the bastard!) Ha! That was some sweet revenge on my brother for teasing me. I was so casual about it as I told the story when we got back. Yah, we passed two beautiful naked women lying in beach chairs while you were here reading your book. My brother was practically hopping up and down and wanted to get the canoe out and go look for them. No such luck. Besides it was getting late and they had probably gone inside by now. The second time the naked female form was introduced to me was again rather unexpected and one for which I didn't do the proper planning. The cabin where we stayed was simple enough with space for a living room, a small kitchen, two bedrooms and a bathroom. My brother and I shared a bedroom. Our room faced the living room. To the right was my father's room. To the left was the bathroom. There was a bunk bed in our room and I slept on the top bunk.I woke up one night with an urgent need to pee. It was probably no more than 11pm, but it felt like the middle of the night. After using the bathroom, I came back to our room leaving the bedroom door half-way open and climbed back up into my bunk. Just as I was putting my head down, I saw my father’s girlfriend walk past our bedroom door. By the light from the living room, I could see that she was completely naked. I froze in position and tried to keep the bed from making any sound as it was an old bed and tended to squeek whenever you rolled over. I heard her go into the bathroom and close the door. I waited for her to finish using the bathroom and walk past our bedroom again. I waited and waited. It seemed like an eternity. I tried so hard to stay awake to see this beautiful image go by again. But my eyes closed and I fell asleep . I had missed it! I was so disappointed when I woke up. I did tell my brother though, with as much detail as I could remember.


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